Four Corners of the City Project

Funded by the Liverpool Culture Company, Four Corners of the City was a community arts/reminiscence initiative delivered in 2006. It was organised in conjunction with National Museums Liverpool.

This reminiscence project explored the great changes people experienced in housing and living conditions during the 1940s and early ‘50s. The three-dimensional artwork, poetry and illustrations were directly linked to these memories.

Why Remember?
Cod liver oil,
Milk and malt –
Scott’s Emulsion
And pots of salt

Rice and bread pudding,
Bubble ‘n Squeak –
Dishin’up fish
At the end of the week

Wringerlettes wringing,
Mangles and mash –
Tithing on Sunday
And keeping the cash

Guilty on Monday,
Caught in the lie –
Things I remember
With fondness, but why?

© 2006 Kate Eggleston-Wirtz

Donkey Stone
Buckets of water swing in time
Hee-haw, the donkey stone!

Scrubbin’ steps, then draw the line
Hee-haw, the donkey stone!

Competition on the street
Making houses nice and neat
Ain’t no use to whinge and moan
Hee-haw, the donkey stone!

Remember Love they’re watchin’ you
With brush in hand they’re scrubbin’ too
Rubbin’ fingers to the bone
Hee-haw, the donkey stone!

Cleanliness is next to God
Forward, back, then lift and nod
Look to those who proud of home
Thank the Lord for the donkey stone!

© 2006 Kate Eggleston-Wirtz