Just Because
In Love Exhibition Feb 2005
OXO Centre London

Secret Agents
Secret Agent MI5
Get in that car and drive and drive
And drive as you’ve not done before
In heart, my soul – a secret door
That’s opened me, whose MI6:
An ageing woman full of tricks
Who’s opened up to let you in,
I dare to wonder where you’ve been
My Secret Agent man who’s steering,
Turning hands of time and fearing
Life internal, turn it on
And drive down avenues beyond
To my garage, oh I am waiting
For elusive love, I’m stating
Facts with tools but not to fix
You MI5, this MI6
Whose eyes entice, oh MI5
Start motoring, I feel alive
And anxious for a rendezvous
Doing things that lovers do
Alone as one in secret places
Trashing all the social graces,
Flogging rules the agency
Insists we play, forget – you’re free
To feel the speed and hug the road
With map in hand and secret code
So turn the corner, come on down
To be uncovered, underground.

© 2005 Kate Eggleston-Wirtz