“The World’s Wife” Exhibition


Last year Obsidian Art as part of World Book Night invited artists to respond to Carol Ann Duffy’s anthology of poems, “The World’s Wife”. I am one of over 50 artists in this  selling exhibition taking place from the 13th April – 29th, 2012 at Obsidian Art in Stoke Mandeville, UK.

Here’s my newly finished piece titled “The World’s Wife”  inspired by the anthology as a whole whilst focusing on the poem Penelope. Using an old writing slope as a base and an old pen to symbolise Duffy the writer, the exterior is collaged in a small repeat of an old World Tour game cover with an image of the world as a walking man. Duffy effectively is the world’s wife coming out of the box surrounded by Mr World – the husband.  The artwork itself is a rich tapestry of symbols (the dog Argos, a needle and thread, a whistle, a thimble and two marriage rings and more)related to the story of Odysseus who was Penelope’s husband.

"The World's Wife"
Size 19.5 inches x 15 inches x 4.75 inches


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