About Kate

Artist & Workshop Facilitator

I am a multi-disciplinary artist trained as an illustrator, thus storytelling is the foundation of all my work whilst exploring with imagery and text. I have become a specialist in telling stories with objects through my assemblage art bringing together history, memory, symbolism and imagination. Many elements in my artworks have lived previous lives until collected and assembled together to tell a new story about communities, individuals and families. Often I am gifted items, which is very exciting!

There is strong social connectedness through place and time as these works use artefacts and materials manufactured by myriads of people, not only by me. I am an American who has lived in England for over 20 years and very familiar with feelings of displacement with a lost and found discovered sense of self often questioning the concept of home. It has been through this experience that I have developed a keen interest in exploring place and identity. Participatory arts, collage, drawing, photography and poetry are also an integral part of my practice. The different ways of working feed into each other.

This diversity allows me to explore alternative ways to creatively and emotively learn about and interpret my world as an individual, whilst also collectively through my participatory arts practice.

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