About Kate

Eggwirtz is Kate Eggleston-Wirtz, Artist & Poet

I am a multi-disciplinary artist who formally trained as an illustrator. Storytelling is at the heart of all my work often combining visual imagery with poetic text.

I have worked within various aspects of the visual arts for over 30 years. My artworks have been exhibited worldwide including the UK, USA, Europe, Turkey, New Zealand and Singapore.

Over the years I have become a specialist in playfully telling stories with objects through my imaginative 3-D assemblage art bringing together history, memory and symbolism, likened to visual poetry.

There is a strong social connectedness through place and time in these three-dimensional works using artefacts and materials manufactured and used by a multitude of people to tell new stories.

The participatory arts have also been a strong and integral part of my practice. I enjoy nurturing the creative vision of others. However, the pandemic sadly has changed my in-person way of working. I am now connecting with and engaging groups online.

Whilst continuing to take on commissions for my Assemblages during this time of great change, I embrace the opportunity to return to, and explore my illustrative roots whilst utilising my photographic and writing skills to create a variety of products including prints on canvas, t-shirts and other wearable accessories to be sold online.

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