Family Puppet Workshop Eccles Library 9th December 2017


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Puppets! Puppets! Puppets! What fun we had on the 9th of December at Eccles Library in Salford. I brought in loads and loads of stuff as I always do. Providing different materials is very important in my workshop sessions. It is creative time to explore, have fun whilst problem solving.

It was a chaotic mess that turned into some kind of creative wonderful. ‘Can I make another one Miss?’ Of course you can’, I replied. For two hours the making continued and the children with their parents continued to arrive. Such good energy!

The parents were having as much fun as the children and they also made their own puppets whilst also helping their youngsters. The pipe cleaners, polystyrene heads and plastic hands worked well.

For those participants a bit hesitant and not knowing quite where to start, there were the beginnings of felt puppets with goggly eyes whilst others jumped in and immediately got stuck in selecting materials that they found interesting. What people came up with – absolutely brilliant. At the end of the session everyone was having a go creating their very own puppet shows. Participants made up exciting stories. The puppets were talking, imaginations running wild.

Such a hive of activity with @ 40 participants. The Library Staff were engaged and supportive, particularly Russell Tennant. Quick to lend a hand with! Thank you Russell!

A big thank you to Eccles Library for making me feel so welcome.