Junior Artists – Blackpool Grand Theatre


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Junior Artists is one of the Blackpool Grand Theatre’s programme co-produced by the young people. It is an after-school arts and resilience programme that has run for two years in schools across Blackpool. Since September, I have been involved with this programme now in its second year. In autumn I worked in two schools exploring Comedy of Errors and Funny Not Funny was creatively explored. We made masks and other fun things like joke books. It was exciting for all pupils and myself to go to the Royal Shakespeare Company production at The Grand in November.

This spring the theme has been In the Willows, a contemporary version of the classic Wind in the Willows. Several schools/groups were involved. From March – June as a visual artist, I explored with the pupils the story’s characters, different scenarios and how the characters might feel in a certain situation. In May, we all went to the Metta Theatre production at The Grand which was very powerful provoking every different type of emotion. Incredible street dancing and music! Clive Rowe, Olivier award-winning actor played Mr Badger.

The work created from February – June with six groups were amalgamated and showcased as a backdrop on 3rd of July in an event whereby all groups performed for their peers.

A BIG thank you to Phill Fairhurst and Celine Wyatt at The Grand, the staff from each group and of course all the pupils who put on their thinking caps and got their creative juices flowing producing some amazing work.