Swell to Great

This artwork was created for the Society for Art of Imagination’s 50thAnniversary Exhibition at the Phantasten Museum in Vienna. It is about the influence World War II had on the artists who formed the School of Fantastic Realism in Vienna shortly after 1945. A violin has been used as a focal point to represent Vienna, the International Capital of Music.

The violin is collaged in images of Sigmund Freud, as he had to flee Vienna in 1938 to save his family and himself from Nazi persecution. Freud’s controversial philosophies were also influencing the artists at that time. Image of Sigmund Freud is courtesy of The Freud Museum London.

In October 2022 this piece, along with Let’s Talk Art and Music, won a Special Commendation Award in the King Street Arts Rhythm: Art in Conversation With Music Exhibition at the Storey in Lancaster, UK.

Work with Kate...

Kate will create a special piece for you. She will include any photographs and heritage material you provide working to any size and colour palette to suit.

You too can have a fascinating artwork that tells your individual or collective story.