Story Time

190.5cm x 45.72cm x 29cm

Story Time, part of the Counterpart Artist Interventions in Lytham (July – August 2016) is a surreal installation created in response to inspirational stories and historical materials discovered in local archival collections.

Local vintage newspaper clippings and other symbolic materials represent Lytham as a place whilst highlighting people who have played an integral role within the town.

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Your research and presentation of the history of Lytham was outstanding. The Grandfather Clock now also has a place in the history of Lytham.

Dee Webb

Workshop Participant Lytham Library 24th July 2016

Work with Kate...

Story Time tells the story of Lytham. Commission Kate to tell your story, the story of your family or community’s collective story. She also is keen to make your story into a working clock!