Online Exhibition

30works30days was a month-long project by the 12ø Collective supported by Artquest. Participants were required to create and upload an artwork each day in response to the daily brief although this was not required. This was an opportunity to have a month of intense making and experimenting with imagery and text. I began with a visual image and to add to the challenge, I created a short poem in response to the daily artwork.

Click here to see samples of the 30works30days artwork

1 April
White Stag
Bounding in from another world he comes.
Transgressions he can see when we are blind.
Allusive creature slipping through our hands,
reminds us – be in different state of mind.

5 April
Care For Her
Twilight reflecting the curves of Her face
highlighting flyers in shadows release
a breath of fresh air – our one saving grace
when gouging Her surface – clogging Her seas.

8 April
Remember Angels
Dance, rejoice and bath in wonderous light
as midnight skies lift in twilight hours.
A gentle touch, but dare not touch too soon,
remember angels in springtime flowers.

10 April
Healing Waters
Curtain lifts revealing an explosion
of colour in vibrant night-time wonder,
our world shared to hail healing waters,
embrace Love before worms drag us under.

11 April
In the night garden under the red moon
tiger people dance and sing joyfully
leaving space, reflecting on these moments
when, like caged birds released we are set free.

12 April
Garden’s Love
She springs to life touched by earthly delights,
a pillar standing strong – from birds-eye view
see fiery dance heated licking flames,
reflecting garden’s love light shining through.

13 April
Window Panes
Four corners of the universe make plain
hands merge into a double act reflect
two hearts in window panes on either side
the blinds are open, fine lines intersect.

15 April
One and All
Encircled rise above below the waves
we reach to catch the healing waters fall
into One’s arms to seek the lighted path
along canal transforming one and all.

16 April
Spring from darkness and desert sand we come
calling, wet covered in sweat arriving
tired but hopeful, stepping over snakes
waiting for yellow canaries to sing.

17 April
Everything Bright
Hands unfolding in summer salmon grass
like petals on roses opening wide
a window to you and everything bright,
love as our lamplight makes everything right.

24 April
When I See You
We are not oceans apart to live well
as one body, I am you – you are me.
If other’s lost – so too, am I and all.
When I see you, we fly as one, not fall.

25 April
Climate Change
Away you break to dance in summer’s snow
And make a great escape from my world’s view
to cross the water meeting Nature’s hand
whilst me and mine stand firmly on quick sand.

29 April
Watching In Wonder
I am watching Everything watching me
through telescopic lens, the stars look back
shining regardless of those who are blind,
and I keep wondering who’s mastermind.

30 April
Never Ending
Lost in night-time dreaming of Everything,
the bright light before – the now – hereafter
continuing to become extending
outward bound our love is never ending.