For Children

This poetry is the fun stuff I write for me, later classified that it is written for children. It is playful, sometimes nonsensical as is our world.

I have a little pickle,
it is bumpy and it’s green.
I’ll wash it in a bowl
and I’ll make it nice and clean.
Silly, pickles don’t need washing,
they come packaged in a jar.
So instead, I’ll take it out
and I’ll put it in the car.
I’ll strap it in beside me
it will have a special seat
and will be my friend forever
till I need something to eat.

We Love Stan
I’m a fan of Dinosaur Stan.
He can balance. Yes, he can!
Balancing tins on head and dance
through the Vivarium and pickin’ up plants.
He throws the tins into the bin.
Watering plants – Good for him!
Dinosaur Stan he makes us smile
queuing up to see ‘im in single file.
Click! Click! Photos on our phones.
We love Stan and his old bones.

Created for Manchester Museum for their online Dinosaur Resource June 2020

Gwinnipeg from Winnipeg
a perfect penguin with
an extra leg
stuck out of
her head
the eyes
a submarine in disguise
in water the foot like a periscope
that can balance balls and bars of soap
or do clever moves like arabesque
pointing straight up – she likes it best
when swimming, the leg like a handsome horn
of the most magnificent unicorn
and when on land she flips and flops
from feet to foot she hops and hops
an acrobat – she’s hard to stop
flipping flopping flipping flopping
flipping flopping

Created for the A Dead Good Blog in May 2020