Starting with a Creative Idea: Time


Starting with a Creative Idea



The word and concept for today is ‘Time’ as I continue to explore the past in the present.

Seemingly, I’ve always been interested in time, clocks and three-dimensional objects. A big thank you to my mother who was a very good keeper of my childhood stuff. Here is one of the earliest drawings around the age of four.

Not only does this image capture my interest in clocks and moving things, but also a focus on eyes. Eyes creep into a lot of my work. Years ago my former agent Jerry Jaz had said I would be known for my hands and eyes. Not sure that this is the case, but eyes have featured in many of my drawings. Take note, the boy has no hands and I seriously wonder what is going on with the top of the owl’s head…Horns? Ears? What? The mind boggles. Now consider a drawing from 2010… not much has changed… What is going on with the top of the head?

Returning back to the concept of time and clocks. My very first assemblage was created for Mr Plunkett’s class c 1975. It was created out of old rusty bits that I had found in places I should not have been. This sculpture has long ago been lost. I still see the approximate 18-inch sculpture in my mind that wobbled a bit. It was constructed out of bendy metal with a tooth pattern on either side.

I did not return to making assemblages until my 3rd year at university when I found a box full of empty alarm clock cases in a second hand shop in Dekalb, Illinois. I made @ 12 of them for one of my classes. Two of them are pictured here.










The clown drawing set within the clock case was inspired by my father’s doll he had gotten from collecting cereal box tops or something like that @ 1930s. I had found it in the attic at my grandma’s farm. Years later I made that doll into a piece of work that won an award at the 1995 7th Annual 3-Dimensional Art Directors and Illustrators Awards Show, NYC and Singapore.

Art and Music 1995 – I frequently have incorporated clock parts into my work.

I frequently have incorporated clock parts into my work.




Story Time – 2016

Story Time detail 2016

Story Time is my latest piece using a grandfather clock case. This is really big compared to my alarm cases so many years ago. This piece is all about Lytham as a place. It is collaged in authentic Lytham Times newspapers. The base is about the Clifton family who owned Lytham Hall for over 300 years. Moving up through time one encounters many Rose Queens, objects and text related to Lytham. It is located on the Ribble Estuary thus boating and the seaside are very important to this area. The inside is lined with mirror so as the viewer can see themselves within the story of this place.

I’m very excited about what the future brings in creating works relating to time. It has already inspired me to write this:

Take time
make time
time for tea.
Take time
make time
you and me.
You and me
in a butterfly tree
flying away across the sea.
See the seagulls –
sip your tea.
Take time
make time
you and me.

Well it’s time for tea. Until next time…