Drawing on Strengths (2018) was supported by Dementia Connect in partnership with London Arts and Health Forum and Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust.

In response to consultation with those living with dementia and their carers, the artist co-created a three-dimensional resource to be used by staff to help deliver information in post-diagnostic sessions. A paper-based arts-based asset audit tool was also created to remind people of activities they can do and continue to enjoy. These are prototypes to be further developed and evaluated through Mersey Care.


Kate worked with us on a collaborative project to design a tool to support
people in the period immediately following a diagnosis of dementia.
She worked with a group of people living with dementia along with clinicians
and carers and came up with an innovative, effective and engaging design.

Damian Hebron

Director of London Arts in Health Forum

An Inspiring Creative Facilitator

Kate makes stories into interactive educational resources, effective discussion artworks for new audiences. Engaging pieces perfect for museums!