Story Time Workshops at Lytham Library

The artwork Story Time was part of the Counterpart Artist Interventions in Lytham (July – August 2016). It is a surreal installation created in response to inspirational stories and historical materials discovered in local archival collections.

As part of the programme drop in workshops were offered Using many of the same materials I used on the artwork.

Thank you for your time and your enthusiasm during the workshop; we were a diverse group of novices and you inspired and guided everyone to produce a piece of individual art. I thoroughly enjoyed the morning and proudly showed my artwork to everyone I passed in the street on my way home.

Dee Webb

Workshop Participant, Lytham Library
Thanks for a brilliant workshop. Loved hearing about all the exacting research that went into each separate part of the fabulous Grandfather clock – wonderful.

Richard Hone

Workshop Participant Lytham Library 24th July 2016

A Fun Creative Facilitator

Kate leads interesting workshops exploring a wide range of materials. She encourages participants to play.