Kate PortraitI am an American born UK based visual artist and poet delivering a wide range of high quality creative work that focuses on narratives inspired by history, memory and child-like whimsy. I formally trained as an illustrator and have over 25 years professional experience in various areas of the visual arts.

Originally from Chicago, I moved to Seattle in 1990 and then on to the northwest of England in 1997. Since then I have lived and worked in Britain, France and Turkey whilst being a frequent visitor to the United States. I have exhibited my works in the US, UK, Europe, New Zealand and Singapore. I have also won awards in New York City and London along with being included in the first and second editions of Lexikon der Phantastischen Künstler by Gerhard Habarta. My surname Eggleston-Wirtz is a mouthful and therefore I have chosen to condense it and work under Eggwirtz, an umbrella brand of sorts where all parts of my practice are covered.

I am best known for my assemblages and collages. This work has allowed me to discover and comfortably interact with new places and different cultures. It took me many years to consciously understand that I am an object-based learner. Objects spark curiosity leading to questions about their relationship to, and representation of a local populous within a social historical context. In turn, this encourages further investigation prompting discussions with members of a community leading to a deeper understanding about a specific place and the artist’s position within its boundaries. Journeying, place and identity is central to this type of work.

However, I have never exclusively worked with symbolic objects and materials. In conjunction with my multi-media visual work I have from an early age always produced whimsical line drawings. An interest in illustrating for children’s books originally led me to formally study illustration in the early 1980s. As my professional life unfolded other exciting creative opportunities were presented: graphic designer, illustrator for magazines and newspapers, cartoonist, fine artist and art workshop facilitator. This illustration work continues to be delivered under KEW.

Considering these two primary interests with digital imagery and poetry supporting the other creative work, I as Eggwirtz fundamentally explore realness within the surreal when I am making art and writing stuff.

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