Nest Builders Well Spotted

Nest Builders Well Spotted has been sponsored by Active Withernsea and is one of 42 puffins that are part of the Puffins Galore!  Art Trail taking place from July – November 2022 along the East Yorkshire Coast.

The artwork explores nature (symbolised by the puffins) and humans sharing one collective nest, one home, our planet earth which the giant puffin is keeping a close eye on. The puffin is well spotted to symbolise bird watching/spotting, spots from disease or spots/locations where one might build smaller individual homes. 

This bird hopes for a healthy future represented by the newly hatched chick safely in its burrow, and where humans take to heart the impact of their own nest building, symbolised by the houses on the puffin’s back. All species have a right to nest safely, to thrive and fly. We are all connected.

Work with Kate...

Kate facilitates engaging multi-media creative sessions with older people and people with memory issues. She creates fascinating reminiscence resources in response to participatory work.

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