Wings and Things Artist in Residence

The Wings and Things Artist-in-Residence Summer 2016 was a project working in partnership with The Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester Museum and Trafford General Hospital. Objects from both museums were brought into the three wards and then I facilitated creative sessions engaging with staff and patients (living with dementia).

In response to this work I created three artworks as reminiscence resources to be showcased and engaging with at the hospital. This paved the way for an arts/health research project that I was also part of.

Artist Kate Eggleston-Wirtz is a delight to work with, her contribution to the hospital sessions bring creativity and colour into an otherwise cold and clinical environment. There is no shortage of fun and laughter too. Kate’s empathy for patients, kindness to visitors and enthusiasm with staff ensures that all have a chance to join in.

Wendy Gallagher

Arts and Health Partnership Manager, The Whitworth Art Gallery
I have observed the work that Kate does and her creative forms of caring. Kate’s sessions include storytelling, exploring her fantastic collage objects, and at the centre is the opportunity to create and make using a range of materials and the opportunity to share and have conversations.

Dr Nuala Morse

Research Associate, Not So Grim up North, Withworth Art Gallery, University of Manchester
Throughout the sessions, patients were often smiling, laughing, or busily focused on their creation.”

Dr Nuala Morse

Research Associate, Not So Grim up North, Whitworth Art Gallery, University of Manchester

An Enthusiastic Creative Facilitator

Kate facilitates engaging multi-media creative sessions with older people and people with memory issues. She also creates reminiscence resources in response to participatory work.

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