Mask Making

At the beginning of 2019, Kate facilitated two days of mask making in her studio with Edge Hill University Performing Art students Megan, Katie and Emily. The first session was all about experimenting with basic materials. A ‘Volcano’ and ‘Fish’ were created out of paper.

During the second session the group chose to do one set of characters from the Wind in the Willows (Mole, Toad and Badger) making masks out of the papier-mâché balloon technique and another set of characters from Shrek (Donkey, Shrek and the Dragon). How Fun! This was in partnership with Edge Hill University and Blackpool Grand Theatre.

Kate is so kind and makes you feel so welcome and at home…I’m so proud of what Kate helped me make as I never thought I could.

Emily Cass

Edge Hill University Performing Art Student
An incredibly talented woman, well educated and a delight to work with.

Megan Hampshaw

Edge Hill University Performing Art Student
Really friendly and informative. Makes it feel like no time at all has passed.

Katie Smith

Edge Hill University Performing Art Student

An Engaging Creative Facilitator

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