Junior Artists Programme Blackpool Grand Theatre

As part of the Blackpool Grand Theatre’s Junior Artists Programme, Kate ran a series of workshops Funny Not Funny exploring humour and when it sometimes goes too far. The workshops also focused on the play Comedy of Errors that the children went to see at the Blackpool Grand Theatre in November 2018. She worked with young people at Thames Primary Academy in South Shore, Blackpool and Anchorsholme Academy in Thornton-Cleveleys.

The children made their own suitcases to put their fun things in such as joke books. They also worked in pairs making their own set of twins as masks. Twins featured in the Comedy of Errors story along with going from one place to another on a boat, therefore the suitcase represented the concept of journeys.

In the final session some of the participants worked collectively on large suitcases and also made funny hats out of sick bowls! Now that was funny!

The Junior Artists thoroughly enjoyed working with Kate and would eagerly await the next session wondering what exciting art work they would be able to create under her guidance. It made the ‘Comedy of Errors,’ come alive so we could focus on what was funny and not funny.

This led to interesting discussions and to deepening understanding. The end products of the suitcases, joke books and masks will be a great reminder to the children of the opportunity they had of working with this incredible artist. Thank you for working with us at Thames.

Sue Hainey

Pupil Engagement Officer Thames Primary Academy
“Thanks Kate for your dedication to our Grand Theatre Junior Artists Programme. The feedback from the teachers and the outcomes from the young people has been heart warming and shows the powerful impact that resilience led art workshops can make. Looking forward to working on future community and school projects with you here at the Grand.”

Phill Fairhurst

Creative Learning Producer Grand Theatre
Kate has worked with the Grand Theatre on our Junior Artists programme. She is an artist who encourages and supports young people in finding and expressing their own creative voice. As well as delivery of well-planned workshops she allows space for flexibility and always is young person led and centred in her work. We look forward to working with Kate again very soon as a Lead Artist.

Celine Wyatt

Head of Creative Learning RSA Fellow

A Fun Creative Facilitator

Kate leads interesting workshops exploring a wide range of materials. She encourages participants to play.