Lancashire Witches

Brennand’s Primary School
Quernmore Primary School

As part of the LW 400 Project 2012 I creatively worked with Brennand’s Primary School in Slaidburn. We creatively explored the Lancashire Witches, their journey, trials and subsequent hanging. To test the educational resource, I worked with Quernmore Primary School the following year.

Kate was an important part of our educational team for the Lancashire Witches 400 project, during which she led a team of young people to understand how this history can be made relevant to today, using creative processes.

Sue Flowers Artistic Director

Green Close
She has a fascination with the unusual and the discarded, and a playful way of experimenting with materials which she happily shares with others.

Sue Flowers Artistic Director

Green Close

A Fun Creative Facilitator

Kate leads engaging sessions with her own artworks as learning resources.

Workshops to inform the artwork:

Workshops exploring the artwork: